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How do I get Assessed for a Home Care Package (HCP)?

To find out if you are eligible for a Home Care Package, you will need to call My Aged Care and request a free assessment. This assessment will be based on your physical and cognitive needs and the type and quantity of support you require to continue living safely at home.
Below are the steps to get assessed for a Home Care Package explaining the process for getting started with My Aged Care and how to find a suitable provider.
Register on My Aged Care. You will be referred to an Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS) team to evaluate your needs for funded support at home.
If eligible, you will be informed by letter on your approved level of funding. You will go into a national queue until a suitable package is available.
While waiting for your package, research and find an approved service provider that best suits your needs and individual circumstances.
Once your package becomes available, you have up to 56 days to enter into a service agreement with your chosen service provider.
Service Begins
If you have chosen Trilogy Care, one of our Care Advisers will meet with you to develop a care plan that helps you get the most value from your package.

Are you Assessed or Waiting for Your Home Care Package (HCP)?

If you have already been assessed for a Home Care Package but are waiting for your funding to come through, there are things you can do while waiting as it can sometimes feel like a long and frustrating process.

To ensure you can stay happy and healthy at home it’s important to continue to explore your options and do your research until you get assigned your Home Care Package.
Here are some things to consider while you’re waiting:
Access entry level care through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).
Research Providers - what they offer and the costs involved.
Think about what care and services you might need, once your Package is approved and funding comes through.
Ask Family and Friends for assistance with your research.

Have you recently received your Home Care Package (HCP)?



Choose a Home Care Package Provider.

Once you’ve received your letter from My Aged Care with your Referral Code you will be required to choose a Home Care Package Provider to host your Package. 

Choosing the best Provider for your unique situation and care needs is one of the most important decisions you can make in your Home Care Package journey. Here are some questions you should keep in mind when you’re searching for the best Provider for you. We’ve filled out our answers to get you started.

Give your Referral Code to the Provider of your choice.

Prior to your Sign-up, you will give the Provider of your choice Your Referral Code. This is a unique number (1- number) that you receive when you are assigned a Home Care Package. This code allows the Provider of your choice to access your ACAT/ACAS assessment which contains important details about your situation and your unique requirements. This code is also important as your chosen Provider will use it in order to trigger your Home Care Package funding on your behalf.

Organise a time to complete your sign up with your chosen Provider.

Once you’ve chosen your Provider, you can set up a time to complete your sign up with them. During your sign up, you will discuss your care needs, what type of services you would like your funding to be used for and complete your sign-up documentation.

Choose which care and services you require.

Your Case Manager will help you find the best care and services for your unique care needs. The idea is to find the care and support services that will keep you safe, happy and healthy at home. The types of services you receive will be dependent on your care requirements and outlined in your Care Plan and Individualised Budget that you will create with your chosen Home Care Package Provider.

Start receiving the care and services you need at home.

Now you’re all set, it’s time to receive the care and services you need.

Are you interested in Switching Providers?

We make it simple for clients to switch to Trilogy Aged Care. We coordinate the process with your previous provider to ensure the transfer goes smoothly and no hassle for you. If you would like to keep your current care workers we will do our best to make that happen.

Ready to Start your Home Care Journey now?

For a complimentary, no obligation consultation call, please contact one of our dedicated Trilogy Aged Care experts today, we look forward to helping you determine what Care Package is right for you!

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