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What is a Provider? Is there a difference between an ‘Approved Provider’ and a ‘Service Provider’?

When you are assigned your Home Care Package, you are required to choose an Approved Home Care Package Provider to host your package. Approved Providers are required to become registered with the Department of Health and have satisfied both legal and social requirements. This ensures that they are certified to administer packages on behalf of consumers.

The other type of Provider, is a Service Provider. This describes any company that delivers your actual support services or hours of care, such as physio, gardening, cleaning, personal care etc.

The confusing part is that there are Approved Home Care Package Providers that also act as Service Providers and employ their own direct care staff. Some of these Providers will also suggest that you only use their own services. It’s good to look for a Provider that will allow you to use external Service Providers as well, without a surcharge.

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