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What is Respite? And am I able to pay for it with my Home Care Package?

There are various types of Respite. Essentially respite care offers support for carers so they are able to get relief from their role of caring. This could be to allow them to go on a holiday or participate in everyday activities while establishing alternative care for the person they usually look after.

You do have the ability to pay for Respite with your Home Care Package funds, but there are guidelines:

  1. You need to have the funds available in your package to fund this.
  2. You can only use your funds to pay for Residential Respite if the facility has private beds.
  3. You need to ensure there is a bed available at the facility of your choice.

Because there are various types of Respite, it’s definitely worth chatting with your Provider to see if the type you are considering is eligible to be paid from your Home Care Package funds.

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