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Once I choose a Provider, do I have to stay with them?

If you aren’t happy with the Provider you choose you have the ability to switch. Because of something called Consumer Directed Care (CDC) that was amended at the start of 2017, you now have full freedom to choose the Provider that best suits you.

If everything is going to plan with the Provider you choose and you’re happy there is no need to switch. But luckily, if you aren’t satisfied with the service you are receiving you now have the option to find a better suited solution.

Decided to switch Providers? There are a few things you have to do. Make sure to check your previous Home Care Agreement to see if there is an exit fee or other special requirements. In your previous Agreement your notice period will also be specified. This indicates how long you must stay with your Previous Provider before your package can be transferred to your new Provider.

Try not to let an exit fee deter you from switching, generally you will be able to accumulate your funds back quickly and it’s still a good decision to make the switch.

Please note that not all Providers will charge an exit fee. There are many that do, but it’s worth considering why they are charging one if they trust they will do a good job of managing your Home Care Package. At Trilogy Aged Care Packages we don’t charge an Exit Fee. We want our clients to have full freedom and choice. If you want to switch Providers, that choice is yours.

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